LASAR Logistics offers a variety of standard Warehousing & Distributions Services in order to get you up and running.

Cross Docking Services

Cross Docking Services allows you to ship merchandise to LASAR Logistics that will be almost immediately shipped once received by the warehouse. This process eliminates the need for storage in the warehouse, saving money.

Customized Order Assembly

LASAR Logistics provides Partners with the flexibility to Customize an orders assembly. Order a full pallet of merchandize or a pallet mixed and matched with all different cases. They choice is yours and LASAR Logistics gives you the ability to do so.

US Custom Bonded

LASAR Logistics is a US Custom Bonded Warehouse. This allows us to store imported merchandise in a secured area without the need for payment of duty for up to 5 years or till the merchandise is exported of removed from the warehouse.

Pick & Pack Orders

LASAR Logistics provides Partners the added flexibility for Pick & Pack Orders. For pick and pack orders you can pick individual pieces to be added into a custom case.

Real-time Online Inventory

LASAR's WMS (Warehouse Management System) allows you to have 24/7/365 real-time access to your Inventory. This gives you the ability to check your inventory on demand, affording you greater control of your merchandise without the need time consuming cycle counts.

Quality Control

LASAR Logistics thoroughly inspects all incoming freight. If there are an open cartons or damages that have occurred during shipment we will immediately notify our customer via email with a damage report outlining the products damages, along with digital photos. Damaged freight can be returned to the customer, damaged out or label and repackaged.

AIB Certified (Food Grade Certification)

LASAR Logistics is a Food Grade Warehouse with an ongoing sanitation/pest control program to ensure a clean and stable environment in accordance with today’s regulatory compliance requirements. So you can rest assured that your food will be handled in the most proper manner from start to finish.

Alcohol & Beverage License

LASAR Logistics holds an Alcohol & Beverage License which permits our warehouse to store Alcohol & Beverages.