Services // Value-added services

LASAR Logistics offer many Value Added Services. Value Added Services are comprised of non-core services that are infrequently required and charged on a per order basis. This model allows our warehouse operations to run lean, giving us the ability to provide competitive, cost effective core services.

Labeling & Repackaging

Sometimes an order arrives to the warehouse incorrectly labeled or damaged. Often it is easier to re-label and repackage the incorrectly labeled or damaged packages then send them back. That is why LASAR Logistics offers a Labeling and Repacking Services, so we can correct your packages onsite, saving you time and money.


LASAR Logistics Warehouse Management System is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capable. That means if your inventory system is also EDI capable you are able to send your orders without the need for time consuming telephone calls, faxes and emails.

Sub-Assembly & Kitting

Sometimes you need to send samples out to potential clients. Or maybe you need to send a promotional piece to a current client. That’s why LASAR Logistics offers Sub-Assembly & Kitting Services. Sub-Assembly & Kitting gives you the flexibility to order separate pieces, rather than full pallets or cases, that will be assembled together into a single unit for distribution.