Services // specialty services

LASAR Logistics provides a vast array of specialty services that ensures your merchandise reaches your customers with the quality and integrity your customers have come to expect. We are equipped to correct even the most worrisome and relentless problems that afflict your merchandise.

Product Inspection

LASAR Logistics specialized services crew will inspect each individual products condition. From there they will assess if an individual product is able to be Refurbished/Repair or if it needs to be damaged out.

Refurbish & Repair

If a product is deemed able to be Refurbish & Repair by our specialized product inspection crew it is then handed over to our refurbishing & repairing crew. From there, they will outline the course of action needed in order to restore your product to like-new condition.

Repackaging & Ticketing

Occasionally merchandise arrives incorrectly packaged and/or ticketed. LASAR Logistics Repackaging & Ticketing service is equipped to remedy these inaccuracies by any means. Whether a corrected label needs to be sew into a piece of clothing or merchandise requires new accurate packaging, LASAR Logistics specializes in providing solutions to even the most relentless problems.

Ozone Odor Removal

LASAR Logistics Ozone Odor Removal Service allows us to remove odors that are commonly caused by improper storage during shipment. The process of Ozone Odor Removal allows us to eliminate common odors and kill bacteria and spores from affected merchandise, quickly and effectively without the need to apply harsh chemicals or washing.